Become a Founder

Spreading Hope Founders

Each year, we select three cohorts of founders from among those who have gone through our fellows program. Our first cohort is comprised of three founders planning to launch in the fall of 2019.

Spreading Hope seeks to partner with founders planning to launch a God-centered school in under resourced communities in or near a major U.S. city.

We believe that there are not enough private God-centered schools serving low-income students. We believe God can raise up hundreds of visionary leaders to lead new God-centered schools for children of the city

Qualities of a Founder

  • Complete the Spreading Hope 4-12 month fellowship
  • Deeply committed and driven to pursue biblical justice
  • Visionary and theologically astute thinker
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Self-aware and committed to continuous improvement
  • An experienced, results-oriented and results-proven leader
  • A strategic thinker
  • A strong communicator with charisma
  • Cultural competence and experience in multi-ethnic settings, able to build strong relationships with all stakeholders

1. Plan

14 months pre-launch
We facilitate an initial one, five and ten year strategic plan and help you outline a path to launch.

2. Inspire

11 months pre-launch
We help you inspire Partners with a case statement, a vision event with Russ Gregg, and careful follow-up.

3. Enroll

9 months pre-launch
We guide as you canvas your area to enroll target families and raise awareness.

4. Hire

3-5 months pre-launch
We help you hire teachers and staff, including a search for your director of development.

5. Train

Staff development week
We help you to train your staff on key processes (fundraising, family ministry, classical education and cultural competency).

6. Launch

September-July of launch year
We advise you in your launch year as you contextualize and adapt the model.

Hope Academy is a flagship for our Christian schools. The development and growth of Christian schools like Hope Academy is so encouraging. CSI is excited by the school planting efforts of the Spreading Hope team.

Jeff Blamer

Vice President, Member Services, Christian Schools Intl. (Grand Rapids, MI)

I am so thankful for Hope Academy and the Spreading Hope team. We started our school for low income urban youth in 2014 and are now serving nearly 80 students in grades K-5. I simply can’t imagine where we would be without their support and direction. 

Doug Fern

Head of School, Faith Academy (Iowa City, IA)

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