Spreading Hope Resources

2019 Spreading Hope School Planter’s Guide


The A School Planter’s Guide is a resource to help you kick-start your new God-centered school for children of the city. Built on the original model pioneered by Hope Academy, this handbook gives you all the tools you need to start your own urban, Christian school.

The Mark of God and Our Education Crisis

Why new God-centered schools for children of the city?

In this primer, Russ Gregg argues that the solution to our education crisis lies in a recovery of seeing the mark of God in our neighbors. Gregg shares his personal story and outlines how what he calls imago Dei education. New high performing God-centered schools in hard places are an urgent necessity for our nation’s cities. These schools provide a gospel context for sacrificial mutual love, academic rigor, spiritual growth, and the redemptive work of God in the lives of children, families, and teachers.

Start Something New


The New “Urban Classical Education” course from Russ Gregg

Mortimer Adler said that if a classical education is the best for the few, then it is best for all. The movement to bring classical education to our cities lives out Adler’s claim, as we seek to give the best education available to those who need it most. This course on urban classical education is presented by Russ Gregg, the head of school at Hope Academy in Minneapolis, MN, where he has served for 20 years. Russ is a pioneer in urban classical education, full of vision, zeal, and much practical wisdom about how to renew our cities by bringing classical education–to all.